How to take care of flowers
8 April, 2022
When you receive beautiful and gorgeous flowers, its important to know how to take care of them, to let them stay fresh, lush and live fragrant for as long as possible. By bringing a bouquet home and putting it in the vase, the care for them shouldn't be considered as finished. Flowers like houseplants need everyday care. The right choice of flowers is very important....
Salad with dandelion greens
1 April, 2022
Flowers are not just for creating a beautiful and pleasant environment in the kitchen, anymore. You can make a very tasty salad from the leaves of dandelion. Continue reading and youll know how. You will need: 300 gr dandelion leaves carrot sweet or medium-hot peppers 2/4 tbsp vinegar, preferably rice vinegar 1.5 tbsp soy sauce 3/4 tbsp vegetable oil 1 clove of garlic...
How do women fall in love?
22 March, 2022
Its spring. The weather when everybody falls in love. Teenagers, men on the verge of a midlife crisis, cats and of course women.Men have an old method of confessing love. That is, to give a beautiful bouquet of Cataleya to their new beloved. Meanwhile, women do the job with other tools: hints, gazes and gestures. Well, since your happiness is also in our business inte...
10 films about strong women
15 March, 2022
Let's dedicate this month to watching movies about strong women. Lets watch and get infected with their huge power.Long story short, lets go for the films.Erin BrockovichThis story is a dramatization of the true story. Erin is a divorced woman with two children. She has no education, instead, she has enough energy and perseverance. Going to work in a law firm, she fin...
What do carnations symbolize?
23 February, 2022
Carnations are one of the oldest flowers in the world. They are found in ancient legends and even in the Bible. The flower in nature is found only in pink-apricot, but the color range of modern carnations is very wide, from white to red, green-purple, and even with stripes. What does a carnation symbolize? The meaning of the flower is very directly related to color....
Emotions in the language of flowers
18 February, 2022
Spring is coming very soon, all of us are becoming a little bit more romantic and needing to find new ways to express love. Every year, on many occasions, people give flowers to each other. Women's holidays are coming soon, too and flowers are becoming more popular. But those who give flowers - how many of them know the meaning of flowers and do they know the "languag...
Second life for flower bouquet
7 February, 2022
Many people do not like to receive bouquets as a gift just because sooner or later the flowers will fade and end up in the trash. We offer you to give them a second life. First of all, let us remember that we are not talking about a rose bush, but a bouquet of roses. That is why the process is laborious, it can be accompanied by failures. Gardeners unanimously claim t...
Wedding bouquets in different countries
1 February, 2022
From ancient times the flowers were important for weedings design. The bridal bouquet can be considered as a separate floristics branch. All nations paid so much attention and showed a unique approach to the bridal bouquet. We came here to tell you about some of them. Bouquets in the East. In ancient times, in China wedding bouquets had red hues. The flowers of the sa...
Floral dream dictionary
19 January, 2022
Flowers give an enjoyable and relaxing feeling to your eye, mind, and soul. Communicating with flowers brings people closer to nature and interacting with nature creates a lot of pleasant heartbeats and a sense of harmony. If you have seen a magic flower garden in your dream, then keep reading Flowers are symbols of peace, happiness, and prosperity. It means that uniq...
5 most beautiful flower tattoos
7 January, 2022
The flowers are truly mysterious.And it is no coincidence that over time, flowers were given meaning and they began to make flower tattoos. Each flower is symbolic, has its own meaning and idea. Therefore, flower tattoos are very popular among both men and women. In this article, we will present the meaning of the 5 most beautiful flower tattoos. Rose tattoo The world...
Miracle of the New Year
23 December, 2021
It's winter outside, but very light. Winter has come to visit us, bringing with it a whole series of dreams. She again returned to us the brightest fairy tale of our childhood. And as a child, that fairy tale was the New Year (and now, of course). Snow, New Year were associated with Santa Claus who came from a fairy tale, miracles, and, of course, gifts. There are onl...
Plant care in winter
12 December, 2021
Plants require different care at any time of the year and must be properly cared for. In order for plants to maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance throughout the winter, some tips must be followed. As a rule, plants are on windowsills all year round, where their foliage can be damaged by being near a cold window in winter. Remember to monitor the room temperatur...
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