Proper care of plants

Proper care of plants

19 November, 2021

Houseplants and flowers have become quite popular in the interior, which bring freshness, moisturize, and purify the air. In order for the flowers and plants to maintain their appearance and attractiveness, they need to be taken care of properly.


Like humans, plants and flowers are different, so everyone should be treated individually.


If you notice that the plant’s leaves are yellowing, it means that the water temperature was low ․ To solve this problem it is necessary to bring the water to room temperature, then water the houseplants.


In case you notice that the edges of the plant leaves have dried, it is necessary to move the plant to a wetter area, such as a bathroom, where it will be away from the heat source. The edges of the leaves are mostly dry in case of frequent watering, air drying, or excessive fertilization of the soil.


The next most common problem is the appearance of traces (spots) on plant leaves.

If these traces have a brown color, it means that the plant does not get enough water or the air in the room is dry.

If these tracks have a darker shade, it means that the soil is very moist.

And when white traces are observed, it means that the plant is under the direct rays of the sun, it is necessary to move the plant away from the direct rays of the sun.


Plants like this tell us about their problems, even though they do not talk.


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